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Rosette Tieback hair styles for women

Rosette tieback hair styles is new. this is very latest hair styles of women. mostly girls do not know how to work this hair styles. But this hair styles is very easy and simple. please do not miss this styles. please use this styles. this is very amazing hair styles. Festival season is here again. beautiful hair goes hand in hand with festival season.

Today i decide to share a new hair styles. to add to our list of festival option. I love this pretty rosette tieback hair styles. All you need to know is how to create a regular braided for this hair styles. The beauty come with adding rosette tieback hair styles. rosette tieback is simple. I know you can do it. This is beautiful hair styles

Time required is only 5 minutes to make this rosette tieback hair styles. It is very easy and simple hair styles  for all women and girls.

Step By Step Instruction of rosette tieback

1-Part your hair down the center

2-Pick up two pieces of hairs from the front of the head. you will pick up two pieces and then two more just bellow them.

3-first two pieces of hair you picked up will be pulled back and tucked down the inside of your tieback.

4-Pickup your tieback and begin a regular three strand braids all the way down.

5-Go back and pancake the outside edge of one side of your braids.

6-Roll up until your flower site right over tieback elastic.

7-Finish with hairspray.

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