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South of France Haircut

The South of France hair style is a kind of mohawk haircut made prominent by Usher Raymond and his hairdresser Curtis Smith. In particular, the South of France hairdo consolidates a burst blur with a mohawk (or fohawk) to make a cool trim and style. As a nearby cousin of the frohawk, the South of France likewise passes by the name “honorable man’s mohawk”.

Best South Of France Haircut

This advanced mohawk and crisp blur blend is marvelous in light of the fact that it takes into account a great deal of assortment and customization. Albeit generally a hair style for dark men, the trim and style can be connected to a hair. Besides, folks can get a low, mid or high skin blur on the sides and after that decrease the neck. You can even request that your hairdresser cut a section or hair outline.

Eventually, Usher’s South of France mohawk might be your motivation for the hairdo, yet you can get and style the hair style any way you need! Look at the slick frohawk blurs underneath before your following visit to the barbershop!

Cool South of France fade

South of France Burst Fade

Best South of France Fade

Curly South of France Mohawk

Fresh Burst Fade Mohawk

Skin Fade Mohawk With Line Up

Low Burst Fade with Mohawk

Curly Burst Fade With Neck taper

South of France Haircut with Design

Bald Burst Fade + Thick Mohawk


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